How to Engage with High Stakes Partners

At High Stakes Partners, we offer a variety of services to help small to medium sized defense companies achieve their goals, but which of these services is the right fit for you?

Since the world of defense contractor consulting can be nuanced, we wanted to provide a little insight into how we typical engage with and help businesses in your position. There are two primary types of engagements we see most often: Advisory Role and Time and Material Support. However, we also offer services as Advisory Board Leads and in Board Only engagement. Below we have provided some additional information on what each of these programs entail.

Advisory Role

In this program, we would be available for on call and scheduled discussions, brainstorming, strategy conversations, C-level mentorship, exit planning, leadership and culture conversations, etc.  You name it, we can help.  Often you just need someone you can trust on speed dial.  Someone outside your normal circle that is safe to ask questions to or talk through an idea with.  This is the perfect plan for those types of activities.

This program is available for a small monthly or quarterly retainer with no commitment needed past the period. For this fee, you get a very low-cost access to the items listed above, as well as whatever else is on your mind. Contact us for specifics on rates and we’ll give you the parameters.

T&M – Time and Material Support.

Sometimes ad-hoc support isn’t enough and you need something a little more dedicated. Our Time and Material Support service covers specific events, outcomes, and projects you might need assistance or augmentation with. Our team can support the exit process, acquiring other companies, strategy development, public relations execution, trade compliance, Intellectual Property strategies and protections, exit plan development, and any number of other projects where there is a fairly defined outcome that will take some dedicated time to accomplish.  Hourly rates vary by type of expert required.  We are happy to discuss them as we learn your project needs.

Advisory Board Lead

This is similar to the Advisory Role we described above, but involves a few different activities. As Advisory Board Lead, we will help organize quarterly meetings with your advisors and your key executives and will personally attend as an advisor.  This is a bit more formal that the earlier plan and includes a quarterly half day meeting.  We can also help you identify advisors that are beyond our specialties.  We have a large network and experience in getting utility out of these boards, helping you to ensure they are functioning optimally to meet your individual goals.

Board Only

Sometimes we sit on a  Board of Directors.  These engagements tend to focus on scheduled meetings and events but still have ad-hoc conversations. This tends to be the most formal of all the engagements.   Take a look at our blog on this topic.  Formal governance boards have a quite different charter than informal advisory boards.

Contact High Stakes Partners Today

We are also often available without an engagement.  We talk to many companies and are happy to do so with yours.  Contact us any time and we’d be happy to hear about your thoughts or concerns.  If you find those dialogues useful, and would like them on a continued basis, that’s where the above plans become useful.