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High Stakes Partners’ team of highly skilled defense advisory service experts, have years of experience, walking in your shoes; and taking the long way to the top. But, with the help of our experienced government contractor consultants, you don’t have to take the long path. We were all once where you are today. Whatever size and stage your company is at, we will provide exceptional defense advisory services, taking you to the next level. Whether you are targeting an upcoming exit, or you anticipate a long bright future ahead of you, we can help you navigate the government contracting industry, maximizing your enterprise value. Contact us today!

How did we get so good at what we do? Here’s a quick look back at how it all began.

In 1998, we started a technology-based Defense company, Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS) with 4 employees. Over the next couple of decades, ISS grew to $192 million in revenue and 800 engineers and other skilled employees. We guided ISS to tremendous success in the Federal Government space, becoming experts at navigating the regulatory process along the way.

In 2016, we brought ISS together with several other smaller companies to create Polaris Alpha, a mid-sized powerhouse of technology focused on space, cyber and C5ISR. The company boasted more than $350 million in revenue with 1,500 employees.

Polaris Alpha quickly became the most sought-after company in the market and within 15 months was bought by a large major contractor where it continues to succeed. It was one of the most successful exits of 2018.

Throughout Polaris Alpha growth leading up to its sale, we navigated many of the traditional challenges that a smaller company in the Government space might encounter. We became adept entrepreneurs, and most importantly, business leaders savvy in the nuances of building a high growth company in the Federal Government space.

Get to know the Owner of High Stakes Partners

Jay started his career as a software engineer and soon became a leader of software teams. He was always fascinated with what makes a business tick though and gravitated towards that passion.

He was the founder of Intelligent Software Solutions in 1998. As CEO, Jay helped grow ISS into a thriving mid-sized Federal technology provider. In 2016, with help from a very successful private equity group, he brought ISS together with several other small but special companies, to form Polaris Alpha where he was the President. Polaris Alpha flourished and was quickly acquired by the Parsons company where it prospers today. Jay stayed on as an executive VP and provide strategic leadership as the company continued its transformation into the leader it is today.

These days, Jay enjoys spending time with his family and friends traveling, playing poker in Vegas or going to Denver Broncos games. He also enjoys helping small companies realize their goals through his good and bad experiences.

His passion for how a company is put together, grows, thrives, and eventually has a successful outcome still burns bright.

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