At High Stakes Partners, we specialize in
assisting c-suite members and founders of defense & aerospace contractors
with strategic planning, with an emphasis on exit planning and enterprise value

Working closely with senior leadership, our
team of experienced consultants will develop an exit plan and strategy that
will ensure proper compensation for departing executives and founders, assist
executives in looking for M&A opportunities, and handle strategic planning
throughout the entire process.

With decades of combined experience in the
field of aerospace & defense contracting, our expert consultants can help guide
you as you develop a strategy that will ensure the future growth of your firm,
and engage with interested buyers who may be looking for acquisition partners.

Business Strategy Consulting & Enterprise Value Enhancement

The strategic complexities that face defense and aerospace contractors are unique, and founders and c-suite executives in these industries need experienced consultants to overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities. This is where High Stakes Partners can deliver unparalleled value.

Our founder and managing partner Jay Jesse is the former CEO and founder of Intelligent Software Solutions, a mid-sized government contractor that was founded in 1998. This company became part of Polaris Alpha in 2016, and was successfully sold to Parsons Corporation in 2018. As an experienced C-suite executive and current strategic advisor to Parsons Corporation, Jay has decades of experience in strategic leadership, growth planning, and business operations, in companies from very small to over 1,500 people.

At High Stakes Partners, Jay leads a team of consultants that can help you position your company for growth and transform your market position. And when it’s time for something new, the team at High Stakes Partners can help enhance enterprise value as you prepare an exit strategy that ‘s geared to a full exit or one  of many options to take some chips off the table and further position the company for  success.Enterprise Value Enhancement

Enterprise value is greatly impacted by the status of your brand in the market – and at our firm, we understand what buyers are looking for, and can help you maximize the value of your company before a potential merger or acquisition. Enterprise Value Enhancement is our specialty when it comes to business strategy consulting.

We work with PR staff, c-suite executives, and founders of aerospace and defense contractors to obtain the media coverage and exposure you need to show your company’s expertise and positioning to the world.

By implementing a comprehensive branding, image, and public relations strategy, High Stakes Partners can enhance the visibility of aerospace and defense contractors before a sale, merger, or acquisition. We also ensure you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that could make the company less attractive after your exit, or drive down your enterprise value before a sale.

Exit Planning & Business Succession Planning

Executive teams that do not have experience with exit planning and c-suite succession planning may find the process to be challenging and complex, particularly given the sensitive nature of aerospace & defense contracting.

That’s where Jay and the team of experienced consultants at High Stakes Partners can help. Our team will advise you on the various exit options and strategies available to founders and c-suite executives, including:

  • Private equity
  • Strategic buyers
  • ESOPs

With our M&A business strategy consulting services, we can put together a comprehensive business succession planning strategy that will maximize your exit goals while ensuring your business is on a solid footing for the future.

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From general business strategy consulting to enhance company growth, to enterprise value enhancement and exit planning for founders and c-suite executives in the industry of aerospace and defense contracting, you can trust High Stakes Partners to guide you through every step of the process. Contact us online or send an email to [email protected]