Meeting Compliance

Our Unique Skills

Compliance and maturity as you grow

  • Help with Federal regulatory & compliance concerns. Some areas we have experience in:
    • Business Systems, to include Accounting, Procurement, Government Property, EVMS, Estimating and Labor Systems
    • Indirect Rate Monitoring, to include final rates, provisional billing rates, forward pricing rates, etc.
    • Contract closeouts
    • CAS Compliance
  • Work with your CFO to ensure you are ready to grow as a company and ensure your rate structure is fully compatible with both CAS and GAAP, which is monitored for compliance by DCAA and DCMA.
  • Work with your HR to ensure compliance with all Federal, Local and State regulations.
  • Ensure you have a strong plan for contracts, subcontracts, and procurement.
  • Export compliance; EAR and ITAR related transactions
  • CAS and GAAP compliance for growing defense contractors
  • Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)
  • Facility Clearance (FCL) to include certifications necessary for some facilities
  • IP protection through patents and trademarking

Building enterprise value and exit planning

  • We know what buyers are looking for and more importantly, what they will pay for.
  • There are many types of exits.What’s best for you?
  • We can help you understand how an exit process will work and what to expect.
  • We can assist in running your process.
  • Avoiding pitfalls that will make you less attractive at exit or drive down your enterprise value.
  • Work with your PR staff to ensure you are getting proper coverage and given the chance to show your expertise to the world at large via media exposure.  Enterprise value is greatly impacted by your brand in the market.

Strategic leadership support

  • Join your Board of Directors or Advisory Board.
  • Help you populate a Board with the right types of people.
  • Identify strategic gaps in your leadership team and provide tips on filling those gaps affordably.
  • Helping with culture and engaged employees
Strategic Leadership Support