Corporate Development Consulting

The experienced government contractor consultants at High Stakes Partners can help you confidently navigate the myriad challenges of the aerospace and defense industry. No matter the size of your company or its place in the business lifecycle, our team is poised to provide a wealth of advisory services that can take it to the next level. We are seasoned industry players who have built multiple successful business ventures in the federal government space and wish to share our acquired knowledge with others seeking to do the same. Our consulting services are informed by many years of business development experience coupled with a commitment to staying abreast of the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

A cornerstone service that we provide and a subject that is vital to staying competitive in the A&D sector relates to strategic corporate development. As the term suggests, strategic corporate development entails the creation of a high-level actionable plan that is designed to ensure long-term company growth. The corporate development consulting experts at High Stakes Partners are, for example, highly skilled at identifying the various ways that a company can actively pursue a growth agenda through the following:

Board of Directors & Advisory Board Support

C-suite executives in the A&D industry can benefit immensely from being able to regularly confer with experienced outside consultants who can help them transform challenges into opportunities. A critical facet of our strategy and corporate development services is the provision of valuable advice to both boards of directors and advisory boards. We proudly offer industry perspectives that empower company leaders to make timely and informed decisions with respect to a wide range of business-critical matters.

Federal Business Model Strategies

Becoming a successful federal defense contractor does not happen in the absence of diligent planning. This especially holds true in an era characterized by growing competition from companies that are aggressively making inroads into the aerospace and defense market. The corporate development consulting pros at High Stakes Partners can help you either create or refine a business
model that establishes the groundwork for long-term profitability.

High End Executive Attraction & Retention

One of the most important aspects of a winning company culture strategy is the ability to attract and retain high-performing executives. Doing so can, of course, be particularly challenging in a highly specialized industry like A&D that is known for having chronic talent shortages. We at High Stakes Partners provide assistance with all aspects of executive attraction and retention through the development of innovative incentive arrangements.

Small Business Innovative Research Proposal Strategies

The Small Business Innovation Research – or SBIR – program disburses funding in the form of contracts or grants to small businesses that are
involved in technological research and development. If you wish to pursue SBIR funding, our strategic corporate development consultants can help you submit a proposal that effectively demonstrates your company’s eligibility. Let us help you acquire some of the approximately $2.5 billion that is awarded to innovative small businesses through the SBIR program each year.

Culture & Employee Engagement Strategy & Enhancement

The importance of organizational culture simply cannot be overstated as it has a direct bearing on everything from employee productivity to your company’s public image. As such, High Stakes Partners can work closely with you to implement a company culture strategy that is an honest reflection of your core business values. Having our outsourced corporate development consultants advise you with respect to organizational culture should ultimately result in an improved bottom line.

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We cordially invite anyone who is either currently in or looking to enter the aerospace and defense industry to contact High Stakes Partners and initiate a conversation with us about the value of our strategic corporate development services. Our defense advisory consultants have many years of hands-on
government contractor experience and are passionate about helping others in the A&E industry succeed.